Yoga teacher’s education program

In 1986 Paramapadma Dhiranandaji founded a yoga teacher’s education program in Schorndorf (Germany), which has been taking place in Speicher (Switzerland) since 1998. His intention was to provide students with a solid foundation in yoga philosophy and to train them in classroom practice.

Over the years, he has given some of his yoga teachers the title of “Yogacharya” and has authorized them to build their own courses in the tradition of his yoga teacher’s education program(see list below with related links).

Some hallmarks and specialties of this training are:

  • Spiritual Orientation: Whether doing physical exercises (asanas), doing breathing exercises (pranayama), or doing meditation exercises – the central element is that the yoga practices are done “with yoga”. This means that the practitioner is certainly aware of the unity with Atma (the soul) and carries out the exercises in this consciousness.
  • Concentration and breathing: During the exercises, the practitioner focuses on certain areas of the body and takes the exercises with normal breathing. In doing so, the practitioner draws his attention inward, listening to the inner guidance that guides him through the practice. It increases the intensity of the exercise.
  • Relaxing and feeling the effects: For some exercises, the practitioner relaxes after each round, but certainly after the last round in Savasana. Through this relaxation only, in which the practitioner concentrates on the effect of the exercise, the full effect unfolds. 
  • Practicing several rounds: In the yoga tradition of Paramapadma Dhiranandaji, most of the exercises involve several rounds. As a result, the body is slowly and consciously guided into a position.
  • Restrictions: In many cases, yoga exercises can help alleviate or cure physical ailments. But just so not all yoga exercises are suitable for all people in all situations. For example, the pituitary gland of children should not be stimulated too early, so children below the age of 12 years should avoid practicing those exercices that activate the pituitary gland. 

Yogacharyas, authorized by Paramapadma Dhiranandaji, are …

… with yoga schools in Switzerland:

  • Yogacharya Martin Arpagaus, yoga teacher’s education program in Kriens (CH)
  • Yogacharya Atmanandamoyima (Iris Huber), 
  • Yogacharya Sevananda (Stefan Senn), yoga teacher’s education program in St. Gallen (CH)
  • Yogacharya Karmananda (Jean-Pierre Wicht)
  • Yogacharya Christophe Steiger, yoga teacher’s education program in Montreux (CH) (French as a training language)

… with yoga schools in Austria:

  • Yogacharya Sudhyananda (Silvio Perpmer), yoga teacher’s education program in Hörbranz (A)

… with yoga schools in Germany:

  • Yogacharya Premananda (Ralf Waldkirch), yoga teacher’s education program in Mannheim (D)
  • Yogacharya Iris Wurst Yogacharya Shivananda (Hans-Dieter Sauer), yoga teacher’s education program in Backnang (D)

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