Name and logo

What is the meaning of the logo (the Trishul) and the name of Yogi Paramapadma Dhiranandaji?

Dhirananda – Dhiranandaji received the spiritual name from his teacher Swami Hariharanandaji. A teacher usually gives his student a name that corresponds to his character. “Dhirananda” is composed of “dhira”, which in Sanskrit means “quiet” and “ananda”, in Sanskrit “bliss”. Anyone who has come to know Dhiranandaji in person can confirm that he has always been calm, full of trust and completely entrenched in God.

Dhirananda ji – the tag “ji” is a courtesy form. Especially in direct addressing or speaking about a teacher, it is rude to just say “Dhirananda”! Dhiranandaji said a long time ago at one of his seminars, “If Indians would hear how some of my students address me, they would be shocked!” He then explained that it would be the same as when someone is approached with “Smith” instead of “Mr. Smith”.

Yogi – Dhiranandaji has repeatedly stated that every person is a yogi. “You were born with yoga!” is one of his often repeated sentences. But the difference is in the consciousness: the term “Yogi” may be worn by anyone who is aware of Atma in every moment, which is the case only in the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Paramapadma – this name suffix has been given to Dhiranandaji by Brahmarishi Satyadeva. Brahmarishi Satyadeva was Dhiranandaji’s teacher in a previous incarnation. “Padma” is a lotus flower in Sanskrit and “parama” means “the highest”. Paramapadma is thus called “the highest lotus” or in Dhiranandaji’s words “supreme lotus”.

The Trishul is the logo of Paramapadma Dhiranandaji.